(Served with choice of soup or salad)

Tender 10 oz. filet mignon on a bed of demi-glace mushroom sauce served with garlic mashed potatoes.($ 27.95)

Salmon cooked to perfection wrapped in a crunchy pastry, toped with a warm squash.($ 28.95 )

10 oz. Rib Eye in a demi-glace mushroom sauce served with herb roasted potatoes.($ 26.95)

(Served Monday to Friday)
(Two Side Dishes Included)

Grimpa Chicken Breast(8 oz.) US$ 9.95
Boneless Chicken(Rodizio Style) (8 oz.) US$ 10.95
Prime Sirloin (8 oz.) US$ 12.95
Rib Eye (8 oz.) US$ 13.95
Baked Salmon (8 oz.) US$ 14.50
Lamb Chops(8 oz.) US$ 16.95
Fillet Mignon (6 oz.) US$ 15.95

Side Dishes:
Fried Banana, Mashed Potatoes, Rice, Black Beans, French Fries, Caesar Salad, Steamed Vegetables, and Vegetables Soup.